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What story do I tell my child? - DVD

For every adoptive parent there is a sacred story of how a child entered his or her life. But parents must remember that every adopted child has a story too – and too often it goes untold. It’s a story that includes loss, brokenness, and shame. It’s a story of the heart. These two stories share a space and a place in the heart of every adoptee. Carissa knows this first-hand as a Korean-born adoptee. In this session she will share both the brokenness and beauty of her own relinquishment story, the impact loss has on the human heart and mind, and what it looks like for parents to discover the truth, hope, and redemption that exists in every adopted child’s story. -- Presented by Carissa Woodwyk at the 2013 Tapestry Conference

**Pre-order. DVDs will be shipped by January 15, 2014.**

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