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Tell Me a Story (Book)

By Scott McClellan

Jesus called His followers witnesses. We are, in fact, witnesses to His unfolding story. This story is not only our calling-it's the next generation's best chance of identifying with the Church and changing the world.

As we become storytellers, we learn to see the world in terms of stories being lived and told. We discover deeper insights into God, ourselves, and others. Through story we uncover a better framework for understanding abstract concepts such as purpose and conflict, as well as more concrete aspects of our lives such as work, technology, communication, and community. Story touches every part of our lives because it's the form factor of our lives-story is inside all of us, and we're all inside a story.

Tell Me a Story helps us see, understand and then begin to share the story that God is writing with our lives.

Scott McClellan is the Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church.  He and his wife Annie are adoptive parents and serve on the Tapestry Leadership Team.

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