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Insights & Gifts Video Series

Featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis

This series consists of short (2 to 5 minute) video sessions divided into 7 insights and 7 gifts plus an online discussion guide. Designed primarily for discussion group purposes.

Video Sessions:

  1. Insight: Explore Your Expectations
  2. Insight: Simplify Your Life
  3. Insight: Provide Familiarity and Continuity
  4. Insight: Be Fully Present
  5. Insight: Expect Long-Term Challenges
  6. Insight: Embrace the Complex Needs of Your Child
  7. Insight: Create a Balance of Nurture & Structure
  8. Gift: Give Your Child Voice
  9. Gift: Give Your Child Nurture
  10. Gift: Give Your Child Shared Power
  11. Gift: Give Your Child Predictability
  12. Gift: Give Your Child Permission to Process Feelings
  13. Gift: Give Your Child Playfulness
  14. Gift: Give Your Child Healthy Parents with Good Self-Care

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